Removable Storage: Smaller Than Ever!


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rssA new company, DataPlay, believes hard drives aren’t the only spinning media worth miniaturizing. Its half-dollar-size DVD-based discs could have a big impact this year. In the first quarter of 2013, device manufacturers should begin announcing products using the discs. The discs store 250MB of data per side but are only write-once.


The GROWING popularity of handheld devices has spawned an entire industry of teeny storage media. Flash memory rules, but the multitude of competing standards confuses just about everybody.

Easily the most common flash memory modules are the 1.7-by-1.4-inch CompactFlash cards. Gaining in popularity are similar-size (but slightly cheaper) SmartMedia cards, which have a thinner profile. Both formats offer 8MB to 300MB cards, but CF supplies its own I/O intelligence, while SM relies on the device reading it …

RAM Buying Guide


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To get the most value for your dollar, don’t spend more on RAM than your system warrants. If you’re considering upping a 2000MHz or slower system to 256MB or 512MB of memory, instead consider a new PC.

What you have, what you need

ramThe simplest way to ensure you get the right kind of memory is to give the serial number and model name of your computer to the memory supplier, which can be the original system manufacturer, a mail-order or Web-based supplier, or a retail outlet. The supplier should be able to provide the exact memory type you need, and possibly determine compatibility with the RAM modules you have.

To decide how much memory to buy, you need to know how much you’ve got and how much more you can fit. Current …

Flash Memory: On Its Way Down


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fbFor buyers, prices are falling and supply is plentiful. Flash chips that were on allocation in 2013 are now readily available. For suppliers, demand will be strong as more electronics equipment makers use flash and the amount of flash memory in portable electronic equipment grows.

Suppliers may bemoan the fact that demand dropped off in first quarter 2014 and prices fell about 30%-50% from fourth quarter 2000. However, the $10-billion flash market is still expected to grow 19% to $12.6 billion in 2001, says market researcher IC Insights. That may pale compared to the 130% growth in 2013 over 2012, but the overall semiconductor market is expected to fall 9% in 2001, according to market researcher IC Insights. Nineteen percent growth means there will be solid annual demand for flash despite the overall …

Upgrade Tips For Old Notebooks


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utonbWhen considering upgrading your notebook, you’ve got to keep two caveats in mind. First, the lack of standardization among portables means you must take time with manufacturers and vendors to tailor your upgrade to your specific notebook and to do some comparison shopping. Vendors’ Web sites can help you find the correct parts, even though you may choose not to buy through them. In some cases, you may conclude that the process simply isn’t worth the time and effort. Second, consider the following procedures a guide to typical upgrade steps. The actual steps (especially for installing the hard drive) will vary depending on your notebook and on the particular upgrade solution you choose.


Benefits: RAM, better Windows performance: hard drive, greater capacity

Costs: 32GB RAM upgrade $75-$150, 64GB RAM upgrade …

VB: The King Of “Dangerous” Scripting Languages?


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sldJust as Visual Basic made life easier for programmers, the recently announced licensing and redesign of Visual Basic for Applications could revolutionize the use of scripting languages.

But with the revolution come risks, such as security, that independent software vendors will have to face after they roll out their new products.

Scripting languages, while useful, have never been well-loved, partly because of their incompatibility. Every major ISV uses a different language; even Microsoft Corp. uses different versions of BASIC in its applications.

“It’s absolutely a problem,” said Lance Maidlow, president of Kanotech Information Systems Ltd., in Edmonton, Alberta. Kanotech, a systems integrator, uses a handful of different languages to link databases with graphics information such as CAD and GIS programs.

“You end up becoming an expert on each of these languages. It takes …

Early Euro Poland Made Life Difficult For Providers Looking For Growth


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pchwDistribution In Poland, who you know determines how well you do. The trick is making friends with resellers who don’t just pop up, take your product and then vanish with your zlotys

Even though Lech Walesa has returned to the shipyard and former communists run Poland, the economy of Central Europe’s most populous nation is still growing 8 percent per year. There are plenty of zlotys to go around. So for midsize PC hardware and software makers, Poland is a market to drool over.

It’s no cinch, though. Opening a sales office is a major investment and selling through distributors can cost even more in risk. The problem: Although the majority of the country’s 250 computer companies are resellers of some stripe, these local outfits tend to pop up, peddle your product and …

Drive Failure Recovery Do’s and Don’ts


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If your hard drive crashes, fear not: this article will help.

If your hard drive crashes, fear not: this article will help.

One of the challenges of owning a computer is facing a problem with hard drive. Since all of your files are stored in your hard drive, encountering a hard drive failure can be frustrating. The first thing that you might do is attempt to retrieve the data, but if you do not know what you are doing, you might just run the risk of losing the data permanently. When it comes to hard drive failure recovery, you need to follow some basic principles so you can minimize the risk of losing all of your data and maximize the possibilities of recovering them. The first step to hard drive failure recovery process is checking your physical connection. You might be thinking too much …

GPS And Accident Response: Phenomenal Times


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gpsMinnesota’s Mayday Plus project combines GPS with in-vehicle accelerometers to automatically relay not only accident location but also crash severity data. The system intelligently routes this information, based on location and type of emergency, directly to public safety dispatchers in the appropriate jurisdiction. Emergency crews can then respond more quickly and with better preparation for the type of accident and probable injuries.

The time between an injury’s occurrence and the provision of emergency medical care can make the difference between life and death in trauma cases. Emergency medical response can save the majority of critically injured patients, if it can reach them and get them to. appropriate care facilities quickly enough. In rural traffic incidents, obtaining accurate location information can consume precious minutes, reducing the time physicians have to save a victim’s life.…

Intranet Standards Were Key For Growth


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iswkWhen separate groups started laying intranet foundations at the global construction and engineering giant, a corporate group took charge of defining the specs

With architectural and engineering wonders like the San Francisco Bay Bridge and the Hoover Dam to its name, Bechtel Group Inc. knows one thing above all else: If you want to build something that lasts, you’ve got to lay a good foundation–and that means planning. So it was fitting that as soon as employees at the $7.9 billion construction, architecture and engineering company began expressing interest in building a corporate intranet in late 1994, the company quickly formed its Web Advisory Board to step in and define the guidelines for the job.

The board’s main mission: to encourage the use and development of World Wide Web technology among the company’s …

Managing Business Documents On The Web? Easy!


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mbdotwGot some documents to deliver? Why not code them into HTML and let ’em rip over the Net? It’s a cheap and easy solution that could put those big, proprietary document management systems out of business in no time, right?

Well, no. If your documents consist of a five-page employee handbook and an official list of company holidays, you’ll probably be able to make do posting the materials on your company’s intranet. But as companies of all sizes are discovering, if you need to capture, store, index, review, revise, locate, retrieve and protect strategic documents, a full-fledged document management system is still the way to go.

That doesn’t mean there’s not a place for the Internet or intranets in document management. In fact, the combination of a World Wide Web browser front end …