Torvalds’ 2.4 Kernel Was A Major Boon For Linux


Posted on 8th October 2015 by admin in Tech

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linuxfdFor almost a year now the Linux community has been abuzz with speculation about when Linus Torvalds will release the next version of the Linux core, the 2.4 kernel.

Analysts have said it would mark a significant advancement for Linux, taking it from PC environments to the enterprise OS with greater scalability.

The new kernel will be a major test of the credibility of Linux as an enterprise systems according to George Weiss, Gartner Group vice-president of research in the enterprise systems group in Stamford, Conn.

Expected improvements include symmetric multiprocessing and more speed and memory.

San Francisco-based services and support firm Linuxcare is already running a test version of the 2.4 kernel on Sun Microsystems’ high-end E10000 server, which runs 24 processors. But that doesn’t mean it is ready for prime …